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Over 1 billion (with a whopping "b")!

That's how many health questions are searched on Google
every single day. 



Over 1 billion (with a whopping "b")!

That's how many health questions are searched on Google
every single day. 



Over 1 billion (with a whopping "b")!

That's how many health questions are

searched on Google every single day. 



Meet your 
health writer!

I'm Maggie

But you can call me The Write RN!

I'm a registered nurse.

I've unearthed my passion
as a freelance health content writer.

And I'm here to give YOU the freedom to do the things you do best.

Maggie Aime, the owner of The Write RN, LLC. A freelance nurse writer typing away on her laptop in her office.

So, who's writing your content?



Image by Amir Doreh

I'm a freelance nurse writer and the creative force behind The Write RN. 

With over 25 years in healthcare, I've worn many hats. 

I've transcribed medical records, mastered CPT and ICD-10 codes as a certified professional coder, managed medical practices, and donned scrubs and stethoscopes as a nurse.

I hold a Master of Science degree in Nursing and bring an array of expertise to the table, having worked in oncology, medical/surgicalcardiology, kidney transplant, and pediatrics.

But my knowledge doesn't stop there! I've also delved into the realms of case management and utilization management nurse consulting, giving me a holistic understanding of the healthcare industry.

I've discovered a powerful way to blend my medical expertise with my love of writing.  It's where my talents truly come alive.

My extensive healthcare experience and my passion for teaching others make me the perfect person to educate your readers about all aspects of health and wellness and medical personal finance.

I'm the writer (and nurse) you want by your side!

Black and white photo of Maggie

I believe everyone deserves access to accurate and helpful health information. My mission is to meet readers where they are and make content inclusive and easily understandable for all.
                                   - Maggie Aime, MSN, RN



I write the words that transform your blog into a hub of knowledge 

I write the words that empower your readers 

I write the words that inspire healthier lives and financial well-being

I write the words that guide your readers through our complex healthcare system 

I write the words that convert

Where you'll find my words:

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and more...

Let's take it from the top

Writing and creating have always come naturally to me. As a curious teen, I channeled that drive into crafting my own stories when certain books were off limits. 

My classmates couldn't get enough of the tales I spun! Ever heard of "If you can't find it, build it"? I somewhat became a legend (or at least in my head).

Little did I know that those early writing adventures planted the seeds for my destiny as a health writer. Over time, my love of writing fused with my fascination for medicine. 


Now, as a proficient nurse writer and medical personal finance writer, I get to leverage my background and writing skills to craft content that educates and engages. It's my sweet spot!  


My journey has led me to this place where I can do what I love while helping your brand thrive

         My Guiding Pillars


With over 25 years of experience in direct patient care and healthcare administration, I'm an experienced freelance nurse writer who brings expert knowledge and firsthand understanding of the healthcare industry. Expect nothing less than accurate, informative, and relevant content that reflects my wealth of expertise. 


Just as nurses excel in their ability to listen and understand patients' needs, I'm attentive to your specific requirements and the needs of your readers. Expect me to carefully listen to your goals and timelines to create content that meets your expectations and resonates with your audience. 


Trust is the cornerstone of nursing. You can rest easy knowing that every piece of content I deliver is reliable, credible, and worthy of your readers' trust. With my dedication to accuracy and commitment to professionalism, expect content that is solid and leaves your audience confident in the value of your brand.


Healthcare is diverse, and so is your audience. Whether you're addressing patients, professionals, or both, I cater to different health literacy levels and unique target demographics. Expect my versatile writing style to achieve the perfect balance, educating patients about diseases, guiding healthcare providers, and helping you win over new business. 


Quality content should be accessible to all, and I'm here to deliver just that. I also understand that every project is different, and I believe in tailoring my services to align with your needs. Expect a customized package that maximizes value while staying within your budgetary constraints.


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Fun photo of Maggie making a face


 for some
serious intel...

  • Professional orchid obliterator.

  • Despite growing up on an island, my swimming skills are non-existent. Go figure!​

  • Tea? Not my cup of... (you know). I'm a tea dodger through and through. No way, no how!​

  • Yea, it's definitely coffee... and mushroom coffee (is that cheating?)

  • It's a "no" for ice cream. It's just too cold. (I know! I  know!) ​

  • Lizards? Absolutely not! My adrenaline-pumping fear!

  • ​Pure magic moment: Indulging in a breathtaking sunrise when half the world's still asleep.

  • Other blissful moment: Listening as my fingers dance with ebony and ivory on the piano.

  • Yellow is 100% my color crush​​.

Get ready to experience the magic of
DONE-FOR-YOU content
expertly crafted by a credentialed health writer. 

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