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You have content woes.
I have solutions.

Blog Posts & Health Articles

Not only do blog posts and health articles educate your readers, but they also serve as a powerful tool for enhancing your brand's online visibility and for establishing your authority.

I deliver blog posts and health articles that leave a lasting impact. I do this while ensuring that every piece is well-researched and backed by reliable sources.

After all, that's what you and your readers want!

What you get:

    Thorough research 

    Custom formatting

    Keyword optimization

    Unlimited revisions within 15 days of draft submission

    Internal and external links

    Facts backed by primary sources

    SME interviews and quotes, if applicable

    Results that WOW!

Why you need it:

  • Give your readers valuable information

  • Break down complex medical concepts

  • Offer practical tips 

  • Build trust and credibility 

  • Improve your search ranking

  • Make it easier for potential customers to find you 

Starting at $550
for an average of 1000 words per blog/article


Deliver engaging and educational content to your consumers' inboxes, all while driving traffic to your website and establishing your brand as a thought leader.


I make sure your newsletter is not only insightful but also actionable, allowing your readers to make informed decisions about their health and financial well-being. 

What you get:

     Well-researched and relevant content

     Engaging articles and updates

     Visually-appealing design and layout

     Regular distribution schedule

     Unlimited revisions within 15 days of draft submission

     Results that CONNECT!


Why you need it:

  • Keep your patients & consumers engaged

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Drive traffic to your website through links

  • Showcase industry expertise and thought leadership 

  • Promote services for increased sales

  • Collect valuable customer data

Investment varies


Time is scarce. Attention spans are short. Sometimes showing is better than telling!

Communicate complex information in a visually appealing and digestible format with infographics.

Whether you need to explain medical procedures, highlight important health statistics, or present personal finance information, I will design eye-catching infographics that perfectly match your brand's message and goals.

What you get:

     Research and data collection 

     Concept and design

     Custom graphics and illustrations

     Print-ready deliverables

     Unlimited revisions within 15 days of draft submission

     Results that SHOW!


Why you need it:

  • Present data and statistics in a memorable way

  • Grab attention

  • Help your audience to retain information

  • Keep your consumers informed

  • Cultivate trust in your brand

  • Increase the shareability of your content

  • Improve website traffic

Starting at $600

Maggie Aime also known as The Write RN LLC sitting on a stool

It's time to give your content


well-deserved attention!

The Write RN logo
Maggie Aime, owner of The Write RN, LLC standing and looking in the distance

Let's get more
eyeballs on
your brand! 


(Psst! I'm the freelance nurse writer

who'll make it happen)

Want to claim your spot as an industry leader?

Or boost brand awareness?
Perhaps you aim to better engage

and inform your readers. 


Whatever your mission, I'm passionate

about helping brands like yours flourish.

I'm your expert health writer

who will work with you to craft

the customized solutions you need.



Go ahead! Click the button. You know you want to! 


Your plate's full...
I know,
and I'm here
to help you


During our initial call, we'll discuss your project in detail, including your goals and vision.


Once we have a clear understanding, I'll create a proposal outlining the scope of work, timeline, and cost. If everything looks good, we'll proceed with signing an agreement.


Once the agreement is in place, my fingers will get to typing.


We'll have check-ins as needed to address any concerns or questions, maintaining open communication throughout the process. Collaboration and your valuable input are key during this phase.



If revisions are needed, I'm here to make them. Your constructive feedback is crucial in refining the work and ensuring it aligns with your vision.

Once complete, I'll deliver the final product to you,  exceeding your expectations. And get ready to see your brand capture the hearts and minds of your readers!

Let's look at the stats. (It's easy, trust me) 


of people spend time reading content about brands that catch their attention


of people see real results from blogging


of people are motivated to explore a product after engaging with content about it 

Hubspot SEO certification

Guess what? 
Your future clients
are searching for content

Are you going to seize this incredible opportunity to connect with them?

Or are you letting YOUR COMPETITION do it for you?

This nurse writer has you covered!

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