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Newsletter fatigue is real!

Like me, you've likely signed up for way too many newsletters. Of course, it's well-intentioned... yet here we are, drowning in a barrage of unopened newsletters. 


No time or energy to read them all. They accumulate.


Say it with me: "This weekend, for sure, I'll catch up and go through my emails!"


And well... we know how that went.  

The sad part is that email overload can backfire. We could be missing out on (or straight up ignoring) content that could actually catapult our businesses. Content that's sitting right in our inboxes. 

So, why am I asking you to sign up for yet one more newsletter?

Why should you sign up for this newsletter?

Simple. I founded The Health Writer Newsletter with intentionality — and your distracted inbox — in mind.


This newsletter will be a space for OUR health writing community. No more noise in your inbox!

Instead, every other Thursday, you'll get: 

✅ Lessons learned as a health writer and business owner

✅ Trending health topics and pitching ideas

✅ Curated paid health writing opportunities

✅ A blog writing challenge (you know we tend to neglect our blogs!)

And so much more fueled by YOU!


I promise each email will respect your precious time with immediately actionable value.

Expect authentic conversations.


I'm committed to co-creating content and answering YOUR biggest questions. Ask away! 

Still on the fence? See what subscribers are saying! ⬇️

When we support each other, we all rise.  

So, go ahead, treat yourself, and snag your free subscription!

We're going places — Are you in?


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