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Save time and money with my FREE checklist!


I used to dread submitting my drafts! No matter how many times I reviewed my work, I just wasn't sure if I had met all the requirements. And this extra time drained my internal hourly rate.


Not only is it frustrating to receive drafts back saying you missed something obvious, but all those hours spent redoing work can add up, reducing your income. 


But there's a better way to ensure your drafts are air-tight BEFORE submitting them, a way to save all those precious hours lost on avoidable revisions.

It's my Master Draft Submission Checklist! It covers everything you need to review before hitting that 'Send' button.

With this checklist, you can:

  • Breeze through self-edits 

  • Hit ‘Send’ with total confidence

  • Keep editors happy and impressed

  • Free up hours to take on more work or do something fun


Never start over because you overlooked something again. Grab my checklist now to save time, avoid errors, and keep more money in your pocket!

Master Draft Submission Checklist cover page

Curious about how I craft health content?

               I spill the beans in my FREE e-book! Download it now.

What's inside:

  • My exclusive process for creating stellar health content

  • Tips to transform dull research into posts readers will love

  • Optimizing content for SEO

  • And much more

How to get it:

Simply complete the form below and click the SEND IT MY WAY button!

Check it out and start applying the knowledge. I'm thrilled to help you educate and inspire your readers.


Remember, this is just the beginning. I'm here to support you every step of the way. Let the health writing journey begin!

Cover page Free ebook: My step by step health writing guide for beginners
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