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Photo of Maggie Aime sitting at a desk with her laptop and a cup of coffee

Giving you the words
to become a
trusted health voice

Your reliable freelance nurse writer,
strategically crafting healthcare and
medical personal finance content
that's done Write - every time!

What would you do
                     if you had more... time?

Let me guess!

You'd explore new opportunities and scale your business

You'd invest in improving your brand's online presence

You'd experience the joy of a thriving business AND a balanced life

You'd cherish precious moments with your loved ones


So many things, so little time! 

Truth is: You're here because you recognize the value of content for your brand.

You understand that building your brand's credibility begins with well-crafted content. 

You realize that engaging content is the key to grabbing and maintaining your customers' attention.

You're also here because you probably tried to write it yourself. 

And well... we know how that went.


Lucky for you, I happen to be the mistress of the written word!


                 You'd [insert yours here]


Where you'll find my words:

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and more...

Here's the thing:

You're likely missing out on valuable opportunities (and money) 

You've invested your hard-earned money and energy into building your brand. And now, you're hearing the familiar sound of crickets. 

It's time to make your website work for you.  But how?

With content. 

Not just any content, but well-researched, expertly-written, captivating, and trustworthy content that resonates with your audience.


Content written by a credentialed health writer & expert medical personal finance writer who deeply understands healthcare.


Content crafted by a battle-tested nurse writer who can effortlessly educate, engage, and convert your readers.

You need content that works as hard as you do

You're in luck!


You've just found The Write RN.  

You need a health writer who can help you cut through the noise and deliver content that truly stands out.

You need an expert nurse writer who can help you effectively and compassionately communicate your message to your readers.

You need a nurse freelance writer who will help you position
your brand as a trusted source and thought leader.

You need The Write RN!

Maggie Aime also known as The Write RN, LLC working on her laptop in her office.

Time is money.
And I'm here to make sure your precious time is spent on what matters to you most.


My clients' words                         
speak for themselves

 Maggie has been a great addition to our freelance roster. She brings a high level of expertise and research know-how to each article, along with strong editorial instincts. Maggie is always open to feedback, and she’s a great communicator. I’m so glad to have her on our team!

Renée Fabian

Lead Health Editor, GoodRx

Granting YOU freedom

                              for explosive growth

Blog Posts / Health Articles

Connect your consumers with engaging, trusted, and original healthcare & medical personal finance content that showcases your expertise, improve search rank, and grow your brand


Keep your consumers informed while cultivating brand trust with these insightful visual tools that communicate complex information in an easy-to-digest format


Share well-researched and relevant healthcare & medical personal finance content that resonates with your audience while driving traffic to your website and promoting your brand

Your consumers deserve content that's easy to understand, free from medical jargon, and carefully researched.

Your consumers deserve reliable and trustworthy information that encourages positive change.

Your consumers deserve compelling content that directly addresses their health and financial well-being.

Your consumers deserve to feel understood and be empowered.

Curious about how I
craft health content?

I spill the beans in my FREE e-book. Download it now!

Cover page of the free ebook - My step by step health writing guide for beginners
Doctor's Desk

The process. (Easy as 1, 2, 3)


During our initial call, we'll discuss your project in detail, including your goals and vision.


Once we have a clear understanding, I'll create a proposal outlining the scope of work, timeline, and cost. If everything looks good, we'll proceed with signing an agreement.

Discovery Call & Agreement


Once the agreement is in place, my fingers will get to typing.


We'll have check-ins as needed to address any concerns or questions, maintaining open communication throughout the process. Collaboration and your valuable input are key during this phase.

Work in Progress & Collaboration


If revisions are needed, I'm here to make them. Your constructive feedback is crucial in refining the work and ensuring it aligns with your vision.

Once complete, I'll deliver the final product to you,  exceeding your expectations. And get ready to see your brand capture the hearts and minds of your readers!

Feedback &

Final Delivery

Still unsure about content? 
                                                The numbers are in.


of people choose blogs as their go-to source of information

rather than ads


of marketers said content marketing was effective at generating leads


of consumers feel more positive about a brand after engaging with custom content 

I'm Maggie (aka The Write RN)


Maggie Aime also known as The Write RN, LLC. A freelance nurse writer who expertly crafts health content and medical personal finance content.

Crafting informative and transformative healthcare content is my calling (and when I'm not at it, you'll likely find me luxuriating at the beach or whipping up a DIY project)

It's simple, really. You want to be the top-of-mind healthcare information source. Your readers want empowerment and reliability.

That's where I come in. As a skilled freelance nurse writer with over 25 years of experience in healthcare, I have the knowledge, creativity, and expertise to ensure you get both. 

Your success is my purpose. Your readers' health and financial well-being are my driving force. 



That's great news! Will the doctors allow their names to be included in the article? SEO words in the article are needed. This isn't your first rodeo, and grateful to be working with a professional! ;-). I'm excited to see the article.
Hi Maggie, 
All I have to say is WOW. This was the best draft I have ever received. Thank you for your work on this piece! This made my day.
Hello Maggie, thank you for checking back. The infographic is well done.
Hi Maggie, this is a great program! Love it!
Hi Maggie, This and the last one look great. Thank-you again for a stellar job with these.
Hi Maggie. The article is great and we were really happy with it.
Thanks again for your great work on this article. I wanted to let you know it was just published.
Thank you for this. It's a really well written article and I will assign it for fact-check shortly.
This was the quickest medical review turnaround that I've ever seen. You nailed this one :) I can't thank you enough for your amazing contributions!

You've made it all the way down here... But don't stop here!
Your brand's big breakthrough 
is about to begin
One blog post at a time. 

Are you going to take your chances or partner with a health writer who has

already helped numerous brands

make a real impact?

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