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5 Easy Ways to Find Trending Health Blog Topics

Updated: May 18

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Want to write trending health blog topics that get attention? Here are 5 tactics to find what's hot.

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With 4.8 billion social media users, the information and entertainment platform has unified. And the newer the generation, the more diminished their attention span.

So, unless you follow the trend and present your health blogs as entertaining and flashy, you are less likely to gain any recognition.

Put your ear to the ground and catch the latest trending frequencies so that you can sell your work, even your health blogs.

Here are 5 easy ways to find trending health blog topics to write about

1. Google news

Google is the common person’s family doctor. Also, a writer's go-to reference manual.

Scroll through Google News, especially the Health section. You will find everything that is buzzing in the medical industry.

From new vaccines to new cases reported, to recent advancements and inventions using AI in the medical field, all in one place.

Literally, articles are already written on it. All you have to do is spin the article and write from a different perspective.

Here is an example of an article written about utilizing AI to improve a person's well-being from Google News.

2. Find the influencer or celebrity

This is not as hard as it sounds.

Frequently, a particular disease or condition blows up the internet because an influential person has it. The public is curious to know the ins and outs of it.

If the patient is a politician, you may hear about it on national news.

You may also find it all over YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, and even on Twitter (or X) if the patient is a celebrity or an influencer.

You can actually include their stories and names in your article to 'catch the algorithm'. Write it before many others do, and your health blog will catch fire!

Here is an article written on Lyme disease, brought to the spotlight by the Hadid family.

3. Watch out for seasonal diseases

Some diseases are endemic to a certain season.

For example, with winter comes the flu and frostbite. Summer comes with heat strokes. And rainy seasons come with water-borne diseases and more mosquito bites. You get the idea!

Readers are more likely to engage with content that’s timely, relevant, and addresses current problems or questions on their minds.

And, it is not only the season, it could be a particular festival or holiday, like Ramadan, where a community fasts for an entire month. You can write an article about "Changes in the body during a fast". People will be invested in it.

So, catch what is in the air and let it flow through your work. For sure, you will catch some eyes!

4. Pay attention to the latest shows

This is something that is fun for a nerd like me.

Many health and fitness shows like Dr. Oz, and series like ‘Chicago Med’, ‘House MD’ are trendsetters in medical communications.

They highlight a certain disease or a particular way of life. Millions view their content and look for more information on that topic. It’s a prime opportunity to create content that covers the condition extensively and provides reliable information.

You may even borrow some of the storylines from the medical drama that have already proven to sell.

They have already set the stage; you just have to give a little performance!

Here is an article I wrote on trigeminal neuralgia, inspired by an episode of Chicago Med.

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5. Subscribe to health-related newsletters

Most hospitals have weekly newsletters. They feed us with the unfiltered scenario inside a hospital.

I was once asked by a physician to write a newsletter about an increase in pediatric flu cases resulting in high fever for 4-5 days, not the typical 3 days.

It further described the treatment and precautions to take. The newsletter became widely recognized by the public.

It was not because I wrote an extraordinary article, it was because the article addressed a problem that many were currently facing.

So, a newsletter projects a raw inside-out image of a doctor's office. You can capitalize on that and spread the word on your own health blog and grab attention.

It's a wrap!

Attention is the most wanted but the scarcest thing today. Unless you catch it, your work will be unseen.

You may be one of the most talented writers with the highest degrees in healthcare, but no one will follow your lead.

Use these tips to find trending health blog topics. Write something that resonates with your readers and you will be rewarded plenty!


Dr. Hanan Noushad is a medical writer helping healthcare businesses run like clockwork. Read more about her on LinkedIn.

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