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How to Land Your First Health Writing Client

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Struggling to land your first health writing client as a beginner? Here are six simple yet effective strategies to get quality leads in no time.

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Looking to make a mark in the healthcare industry with your written words but don't know how to get your foot into it?

Landing your first health writing client can be a rewarding milestone in your writing career. However, it comes with multiple failed attempts and rejections, especially when you are just starting.

In an environment where everyone puts their best foot forward, securing a health gig and standing out as a newbie can feel like moving mountains.

But there are ways to navigate this phase. If you follow these proven tips and tricks consistently, you will land your first health writing client in no time.

1. Create an irresistible portfolio

Your portfolio is a digital proof of your work that shows how skilled you are at writing about health topics. It presents your past projects demonstrating your ability to write for different audiences and in various styles, like blogs, articles, stories, and educational materials for patients.

But how can you create a striking portfolio when you have no experience to showcase?

You can start by selecting emerging topics in the healthcare niche and creating samples on them. Further, opt for platforms like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace and build an online portfolio by adding your samples and highlighting your expertise. Ensure that it is organized, easy to navigate, and appealing to readers.

As a new health writer, you can also seek volunteer or internship roles with healthcare groups, nonprofits, or student magazines. This lets you gain experience and credibility through published articles.

2. Showcase your services on freelance marketplaces

Freelance marketplaces are a new normal these days to find your ideal clients. People trust these marketplaces more than job boards now as they offer a variety of jobs for a more targeted audience. Hence, offering your services on these platforms can be a strategic move in landing your first health writing client.

Start by searching reputable freelance marketplaces that cater to health and medical writing services. Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal, and Kolabtree often have a wide range of healthcare-related projects available.

3. Network with industry professionals

You may have heard the saying, “Your network is your net worth.” In the world of health writing, this couldn't ring truer. 

When you have an extensive network, people trust you for who you are and what you do. Hence, forging genuine relationships with industry professionals is essential to getting ahead of the curve and winning health writing gigs.

But how does one network professionally as an industry expert?

Well, the best way is to offer value by providing helpful information, resources, or assistance related to healthcare topics. Building trust and rapport over time can lead to valuable referrals and opportunities.

4. Reach out to your prospects

If you are daydreaming and waiting for potential clients to knock on your virtual doors, you are mistaken.

Healthcare is becoming more competitive every day, and you can't expect miracles to happen unless you make your first move.

Hence, it is critical to showcase your skills and expertise to your ideal prospects, and the best way to do so is cold pitching.

Reaching out to your prospects in their direct messages (DMs) with irresistible offers can really turn the tables for you.

Here is how you should go about it.

  • Start by identifying potential clients or organizations that may require health writing services.  

  • Take the time to research and understand their needs, challenges, and areas of focus. 

  • Craft a personalized pitch highlighting your services as a solution to their pains.

5. Boost your social presence

Social media platforms have become invaluable launchpads for health writers. These channels can prove to be a game changer. 

Some of the renowned platforms that you can leverage to land your first health writing client are as follows.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a hub of opportunities that gives you exposure to a wide range of audiences. You can showcase your expertise by joining relevant groups and sharing valuable content to build authority and attract potential clients.

Instagram: Instagram is an excellent medium to promote your work through visual storytelling. Whether you create compelling graphics or share short videos giving a sneak peek of your work, it all does wonders. You can also use hashtags to reach a broader audience in the healthcare sector.

Pinterest: Pinterest helps you find inspiration, ideas, and resources on various topics through visuals. As a health writer, you can create boards about health and wellness, share useful content, and showcase your writing samples or blogs. It's a good way to attract more visitors to your website or blog and attract potential clients interested in healthcare.

Since your competitors are also using these platforms, you have to go the extra mile. Do this by following the practices below:

  1. Make your social media profiles professional and optimized to showcase your expertise in health writing.

  2. Actively engage with your audience through comments and networking with peers.

  3. Position yourself as a go-to expert in health writing by sharing insights, tips, and best practices related to the field.

6. Be professional and build strong communication skills

Landing your first health writing client is useless if you don’t know how to convert them. That’s where your communication skills come into play.

It involves putting yourself in the shoes of your ideal clients, understanding their pains, and devising a unique solution to solve them. Prompt responses and transparent discussions also portray you as a professional in the eyes of your prospects, leading to long-term cooperation and future opportunities.

It’s a wrap!

All in all, landing your first health writing client is a significant win, and you can achieve it with a proactive approach and the right strategies in hand. However, don’t expect it to happen overnight. Stay focused and keep grinding until your efforts pay off.


Hania Afsar is a freelance SEO medical article writer. Read more about her work and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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Avi Sharma
Avi Sharma
Jun 03

Such a concise post. Loved it! I am right now focussing on reach out to people with personalised pitches. Because of course, the high-paying ones need to be knocked on doors. Apart from working on my portfolio, of course. :)

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