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What is SEO (and why is it important in health writing?)

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Blog cover post with the title What is SEO and why is it importantn in health writing

Should health writers care about SEO? Absolutely! This article breaks down exactly what SEO is and why SEO is important in health writing.

In this article


Are you curious to understand what the SEO fuss is about ? It seems like everywhere we turn for writing advice/tips, this almost annoying little acronym, SEO, always comes up.


Well, it's time we stop ignoring it and understand how it could boost our online growth.

And when it comes to health writing, SEO has shown great promise in helping health writers succeed online.

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, but to simplify, let’s create a memorable visual. Picture the internet as a gigantic library of information competing for readers’ attention.

With so much content online, discoverability becomes a challenge. This is where SEO comes in. Think of SEO as a magnetic pull that strategically draws your targeted audience’s attention to your articles.


You might still be wondering, “Why should I care about SEO as a health writer?”  Well, imagine publishing an amazingly informative piece about a health hack or secret you've recently uncovered that your readers would hugely benefit from, only for it to fall flat and have zero to minimal readership.

Not exactly what you had in mind, huh?


Most times, articles get inadequate viewership not because they lack value but because they lie within piles of similar information on the internet.

SEO makes your masterpiece visible to the very people you crafted the piece for. It directs your targeted audience to your words of wisdom.


SEO is the master key to your content's visibility and discoverability. When someone types a question like, "What is mental health?" into a search engine, SEO boosts the article to pop up among the top results.

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The importance of SEO in health writing


Now that we’ve discussed what SEO is, here’s why, as a health writer, you can't afford to ignore it:


1.     Connecting with your ideal readers

Exploiting SEO gives you the power to connect directly with your targeted readers. Since you’ve optimized your headlines and content to address the readers’ needs and pain points, your work garners traffic and engagement, connecting you to your ideal readers.


For instance, when a reader types a query into a search engine, and your article pops up, you become their understanding, helpful, unseen best friend through your work. It's all about creating valuable work visible to your readers, which builds connections founded on trusted information to those who need it.


2. Boosting credibility

Consistent top search results rankings for your articles amp up your credibility and reliability as a valuable source. Readers most likely trust and believe in the information with the highest traffic and readership; they equate information value to engagement numbers.


SEO doesn't just get you clicks; it establishes your brand as a go-to trustworthy source for health knowledge. Readers are looking to be understood and to have their problems solved.


SEO helps you build loyal, meaningful, purposeful, long-lasting connections.


3. Maintaining relevance

Health trends and information are continually evolving, making the data world highly competitive. SEO helps you create a current and up-to-date article addressing the readers' wellness issues relevantly.

It helps your content stay relevant and invaluable.


4. Broadening your audience reach

Your words can transform lives only when they reach the appropriate audience. SEO expands your articles' visibility scope and spreads your health messages to a broader audience.


Harnessing the power of SEO puts you in control of growing your audience every step of your health writing journey and gets you to the ideal readers by speaking to them directly.

It's a wrap!


SEO expands your health writing's reach.

SEO isn't about click-baiting readers into your work. It attracts interested readers by spotlighting the unique helpfulness you provide for audiences seeking health guidance.

So, every time you sit down to write a health and wellness blog post, health secrets, truths, or hacks, remember to integrate the power of SEO to ensure your insights reach the targeted audience and grab the attention.


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